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Mia let out a sigh as she dropped her bag on the sofa, it had been a long and boring day at work and she was looking forward to a long unwind in the tub with some bubbles and a glass of wine. She walked straight to the bathroom and opened the window, put in the plug and started running the tap before heading back into the bedroom to undress.

Her fingers made quick work of her shirt and bra strap, she let it fall to the floor and inhaled a slow deliberate breath as her breasts fell free, full and perky against the cool air of the room. She stripped down to a pair of light blue marvel undies and gave herself a glance in the mirror. Her body was young, slender and toned. A pretty face held a pair of blue inquisitive eyes framed by glasses which complimented her face. Her skin was tight and smooth and long brown hair finnished the look. Her breasts were weighty and hung like tear drops from her collar, She cupped them up to cool the skin underneath where they hung. Sucking in her stomach she turned profile glancing at her firm peach shaped butt. 'still got it' she thought with a slight grin.

Outside it was a clear night, the wind was blowing gently through the trees and shrubs creating a cushion of noise. Overhead small streaks of light began to shoot across the night sky. Unknown to the majority of people a meteor was passing very close to earth and fragments of it had been drawn in, burning up through the atmosphere like firey string. As Mia was grabbing her towel from her wardrobe a tiny piece of dark rock flew through the bathroom window and landed in the bubble filled tub with a splosh.

Mia made her way back into the bathroom and set her towel on the radiator. She placed down her bluetooth speaker and filled the room with music. She checked the temperature of the water with her finger tips, narrowly missing the small rock which was dissolving away in the water. dark whisps swirled around her fingers and the rock was pushed to the far end of the tub by the following wave. As it rolled something green glistened within it. She ran the cold water briefly to bring the temperature down a touch and ran back to the kitchen to pour herself a large glass of red. She stepped in and slowly reclined into the water, she savoured the feeling as it ran up the insides of her legs. The water hit her crotch and she sighed heavily feeling a tiny bit turned on 'maybe after the wine il attend to that' she thought loudly with a big smile. She slid in until the bubbles were up to her chin and sprawled out as much as the tub would allow.

The rock had all but disintegrated as her feet glided past it on either side, the last of it trailed off into the bathwater leaving behind what appeared to be a grape sized lump of green flesh. The lump began to pulse and quiver slowly to begin but the rhythm gained tempo, with each pulse it grew slightly. As it reached the size of a small orange, five small tendrils burst out of it. They Squirmed in the water between Mias legs for a few seconds before falling still. The creature main body began to bulge at one end and a lump formed, pushing out into an oval. Two dark recesses appeared on the surface, they deepened and stretched out giving the appearance of insectoid eyes. The newly formed eyes moved in the direction of Mias body and a deep red glow began to emanate from within them.

Mia was revelling in the warmth of the water singing along with her music and considering if she should go out later or just have a quiet night in. She was pretty much set on having a quiet night with herself to relieve the daily stresses of the last few days. As she washed her face she felt a very light contact across her inner thigh. She jerked in response and stopped washing. a hand slipped underwater to where it had happened but she felt nothing. Shrugging it off she continued to wash herself, unaware of the growing threat in the water. Outside, the streaks of light in the sky faded away but across the world thousands of women were suddenly finding themselves unwilling hosts to an infestation of alien parasites.

There was a sudden flurry of motion in the water between Mias thighs, before she had time to think five tentacles aggressively wrapped themselves around her legs and waist. She shrieked and tried to slide up out of the bath but slipped and knocked the back of her head on the rim sending her conscious spinning. The creature latched on tighter, its tentacles were slightly rough in texture but coated in a slimey layer of mucus. Mia recoiled from the attack, trying to regain her thoughts but her mind couldn't make sense of what was going on. As she shifted, the creature pulled the main mass of its body hard into her lower abdomen. It's belly began to throb against her skin as a thicker tubular appendage the shape of a whales penis, slid out from a hidden sheath. It was slightly translucent and lighter in colour to the other tendrils which gripped her supple body tightly. The large oviposter wormed it's way over her abdomen, sliding up towards her belly leaving a slight trail across her skin.

Mia was starting to regain more of her wits and began frantically trying to pry the tendrils from around her thighs. The more she struggled to free herself the tighter the grip became, it was beginning to hurt a little as the tendrils pressed into her flesh making mild valleys. The oviposter had reached her belly button, its tip snagged on the rim of her naval and curled into it. A bulge shot down its girth, visibly dark inside the tube from the creature and a load of hot liquid surged into Mias belly button. She gasped and gripped the sides of the bath tightly as a warm sensation began to spread through her stomach. It made her feel sick to begin with but after a couple of seconds she found her body relaxing and the sensation became bearable, then enjoyable. She bit her lip and her toes and fingers curled as she flushed with unwanted lust. Inside her naval, her belly knot had begun to react to the substance being pumped against it. After half a minute of being sprayed with its juices she felt her knot opening up inside. The feeling was intense and she had a burning desire to shove her fingers into her belly button but they were so tightly clasped onto the side of the bath she couldn't free them to do it. A sudden forceful jerk from the creature sent the tip of the oviposter through her knot and into her womb with a wet crunch.

She cried out and her eyes rolled back into her head leaving nothing but white space. As it slipped inside her, its girth began to increase stretching her naval to accommodate it's gifts. Almost as soon as the tentacle had breached her womb the creatures main body began to pulse again only this time it was much faster and localised around where the oviposter left its sheath. A large round bulge appeared at the base of the creatures oviposter, the tube distended around it as the egg began to travel up its length, being pushed by contractions along the tube. It travelled slowly, push by push, up the shaft towards her belly. As it got about halfway up the shaft, another bulge appeared, then another, and another.

As the first egg reached her belly button, her eyes rolled back into her face and her back arched out or the water. An immense pressure was building, trying to force the object through her naval. It was at least twice the girth of the egg tube itself, roughly the size of a golf ball. Mia was screaming but her music drowned her out, she was in intense pain and discomfort. Her belly button stretched wider and wider as slowly but surely the oviposter pumped the egg into her tummy, she thought she was going to rip open. Eventually it slid in, her belly button entrance closing back around the oviposter leaving only a slight outwards bulge where the back of the egg displaced her skin. The other bulges were beginning to back up, making the creatures length resemble a string of beads. A rhythm developed as the creature pushed, Mia began to involuntarily arch into the thrust, her breasts slapping against the water with each fall. Inside her womb a dark line was appearing along the tip of the oviposter, as the first egg reached it the tip ripped open, dark tar like liquid spraying from it. As the liquid hit the walls of her womb Mias screams of pain were suddenly replaced by one of ecstacy as a hot rush shot out through her veins into her head and extremities. Her nipples and clit went rock hard, bulging and throbbing their way out of her body and her pussy quivered uncontrollably between her thighs. She cried out loudly and jerked heavily crashing back into the water which gushed over the rim onto the floor as the strongest orgasm she had ever had ripped through her entire being.

The tip inside her swelled and opened wide as a gelatinous egg slipped out of it and dropped into Mias womb. Another large ejavulation of black goop sprayed out behind it and moments later the second egg slid out and settled near the first. It was unrelenting. Mia was gone, her brain and body trapped in an almost perpetual orgasm. As her eyes flew around the room she caught a glimpse of the parasite. It's shaft was now full from tip to base with bulges. She was about to close her eyes again when she noticed a second oviposter wriggling around in the water further down. In her ecstatic state a strange impulse overtook her. She slid onto her side and reached down between her shaking legs. Taking the second egg tube in her hand she guided it between her legs. Her pussy and pubes were slick with ejaculate as she pushed the egg tube between her labia. The oviposter writhed between her lips before it's tip found her excited trembling entrance and dived in. Mia screamed with a passionate exhale as the egg tube shot up into her abdomen. It felt hot inside her, the top slammed into her cervix and began to prod at it. As before its girth continued to increase until it was pressing against every square inch of her tunnel. A bulge shot up between her legs from the creature and she came violently as hot sticky liquid hit her cervix.

As the peak of the orgasm subsided her cervix began to relax the oviposter pressed hard against it, the tip wedged itself into the muscle which sent Mia into another bone shaking orgasm. The bath water between her legs glistened with shiny strings of ejaculate. The egg tube after several forceful attempts finally breached her cervix into her womb. Almost immediately it began to pump more eggs into her. Each egg caused the tube to swell inside her quivering passage and the bulges pressed into her gspot triggering further orgasms.

After about ten minutes Mias abdomen had bulges across its surface. After 20 minutes her belly was noticeably swollen, its surface uneven due to the eggs inside her pressing out from her womb. After 30 minutes she looked 4 months pregnant. Forty minutes after the ordeal had begun the creature finally withdrew it's egg tubes from inside her with a noisey gurgle. Black liquid seaped from her belly button and pussy into the bath water making whispy trails. The creatures egg tubes began to retract and it's hold of Mia began to lessen. She looked full term pregnant, her large distended belly was almost two thirds out of the bath water and the skin was a slightly red hue with large stretch marks along her lower abdomen, a dark line had appeared stretching vertically from the top of her belly down to just above her crotch.

She lay in the water shaking softly, her mind lost in a chemical trance as her 45 minute orgasm began to ebb away. The creature swam around her crotch and legs seemingly disinterested. After another ten minutes or so she had regained enough control to lift herself out of the bath. She wobbled on her feet, weak and unused to the extra weight she now carried within her as she moved she could feel the eggs inside her shifting and rubbing against the walls of her womb. She managed to walk her way out of the bathroom, leaning on the walls for support and crawled onto her bed. Her hands explored her belly with a strange excitement as her fingers ran across her naval she found it had popped out like a balloon knot. It felt hot and very sensitive, she pressed a finger into the well in the middle and gasped in pleasure as her finger sank inside it up to the knuckle. For several minutes she fingered herself, the sensation was similar to rubbing her Clit. Each time she bottomed her finger out she could feel a tight sphincter which was holding her womb closed. After several minutes of pleasuring herself
she fell into a deep sleep.

In her dream she was talking to her best friend in the kitchen, they were discussing baby names and how the babies room should be decorated. She parted her blouse and lifted her t-shirt to expose her belly, it was smooth and full term. She rubbed it lovingly a large smile on her face, the baby kicked. She gasped and called her friend over to feel, placing her friends hand where the kick had happened she watched for her friends expression. A few moments passed, then another kick. Her friends features dropped into an expression of horror and disgust. Mia felt a sudden surge of panic, she looked down at her belly and screamed. The whole surface of it was writhing and bubbling like a boiling pot of water. She tried to back away from it but bumped into a wall. Her screaming continued as the violent ruts and juts from inside her got ever bigger causing large bulges to ripple around her bellys circumference. A large bulge pushed out from behind her belly button.

At that moment she woke up. Her hands went straight to her stomach. It writhed under her finger tips. She looked down and felt nauseous. Her belly had swollen again while she had been asleep. She looked like she was carrying sextuplets. She tried to get out of bed but a large pain behind her belly button doubled her over. She clawed at the bed sheets as her belly button began to elongate out from her stomach. Inside her crotch she could feel her cervix also being stretched open again only this time there was no fuzzy warmth to hide the pain of it. She huffed and puffed heavily, her belly button swelled at the base as something started to force it's way back through it from inside her. In her crotch she could feel a large object enter her vaginal passage from her womb. The combination of feelings nearly paralysed her. She pushed, contracting her pussy, trying to squeeze the thing out, but just as the pressure in her cervix subsided it built up again as another of the creatures offspring started to crawl out. Mia began to sob, slick crunching and squelchy tearing noises filled her ears.

The tip of her belly button spread open and two little green tendrils shot out of it, splaying and waving in the air. The same was happening between her legs as two fist sized slimey green alien parasites noisily exited her body. As they slid from her, her sobs turned to moans. Her belly was beginning to quake and wobble harder as more of the creature broke free of their eggs and began to look for a way out of her.
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Thank you kindly for this gem.
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